Inspire others to want to follow you

Joan Fiore is a seasoned and highly effective executive coach and leadership strategist. She has successfully joined many executives on their journey to becoming the best leaders they can be.

She has extensive experience in strategizing with & coaching senior leaders to:

  • Set compelling direction and strategy
  • Communicate effectively, powerfully, and with presence
  • Identify and manage their ‘hot buttons’ or triggers so they can lead less impulsively and more confidently
  • Leverage the energy of conflict and diversity in their organization and relationships
  • Be mindful about the culture they want to create
  • Inspire others to follow
“Joan has an uncanny ability to throw wrenches at me…Often I think I have great ideas and specific strategies all figured out, until I bounce them on Joan and she comes back with different perspectives and analyses that really make me rethink things… I love those wrenches.” — Rico Malvar,
Chief Scientist, Microsoft Research

Joan will work with you to fashion customized solutions to achieve your goals. She offers a variety of services which, when combined and targeted for your particular situation, will increase your leadership effectiveness and your organization’s bottom line. She is known for her CEO Coaching, Executive Coaching, Leadership Strategy, Effective Teams Coaching, Offsite Design and Leadership Courses.

“For me, the real magic of Joan’s experience is the combination of her deep understanding of complex human behavior and her long-standing work to understand the realities of a high pressure corporate environment… She has been able to help me both meet the expectations of my role and my personal goal of holding on to my own deep conviction around the importance of authenticity in a way I didn’t think possible in a corporate environment.” — Jennifer Creegan, General Manager,
Product marketing – Online Services Division,
Fortune 50 Company

"Anyone can steer the ship when the sea is calm." -Publilius Syrus

Coaching is not psychotherapy. If you are instead interested in Dr. Fiore’s services as a Clinical Psychologist, see her listings in:;;